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Puutarha Tahvoset Oy

Puutarha Tahvoset Ltd is specialized in production and sales of fruit- and ornamental  plants grown in containers. In addition, large trees, bare rooted shrubs and conifers are grown for the needs of landscaping. Most of the plants are our own production. The product range is complemented by plants both from domestic and international nurseries.

We constantly strive to find new plant products from around the world, with which we want delight and to diversify the Finnish garden culture. Our long-time collaborative partners in Europe and North America are leading breeders and nursery producers.

The product range includes around 800 different plant varieties, 85 per cent out of those are our own production. The nursery delivers annually more than 800 000 container plants and over one million certified strawberry plants to garden centers and farmers in different parts of Finland. About 5 per cent of the turnover is generated by exports. Target export countries are Sweden and Baltic countries.

Total area of the nursery covers around 90 hectares. Container nursery production is around 13 hectares. Some areas have open-field production and rotation of crops. The greenhouses have a total area of 12 100 square meters. The nursery employs over one hundred people during the summer season and about half as much in the winter.

Our production areas are constantly developed to more environmentally friendly direction. The new production areas are equipped with irrigation systems where the irrigation works in a closed circle. The irrigation water and nutrients are collected and recycled. With the new irrigation system, irrigation is also targeted better and thus it’s more efficient.

Puutarha Tahvoset Ltd is owned by Tomi and Jyrki Tahvonen. Tomi Tahvonen is the CEO.

Tahvoset B.V.

Tahvoset B.V. was established in 2023 and it is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Puutarha Tahvoset Oy.

Tahvoset B.V. provides comprehensive procurement services to its parent company. We directly source our products from nurseries in Holland, Belgium, and Germany. Our close relationships with these suppliers secure the best possible conditions.

In addition to direct procurement, we have established long-term partnerships with a diverse group of contract producers. Through these carefully selected producers, we assure our clients of a consistent and high-quality product range, both for the current season and the long term.

Tahvoset B.V. also controls the quality, labeling, shipment and needed documentations. Thanks to our efficient logistics network, we can respond quickly and deliver all items just-in-time, without any unnecessary delays or compromises in quality.

The small group of customers located outside of Finland can be directly supplied by Tahvoset B.V., mainly offering products sourced from Holland, Belgium or Germany.

In collaboration with Tahvoset B.V. we provide our customers with a full range of plants.

Sales Tahvoset B.V.

Remco Van Dijk

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